'Proud' Will Smith Toasts To Son Jaden Smith With Sweet 21st Birthday Speech

"The way that you've grown in the past few years is what parents hope for."

Will Smith might prefer to livestream a helibungee jump for millions of viewers on his birthday, but son Jaden Smith kept it more intimate for his 21st.

The rapper rang in his birthday last week with tequila shots and heartfelt speeches when the Smith family, including mom Jada Pinkett Smith, sister Willow Smith and half-brother Trey Smith, recently gathered for a low-key celebration in in Malibu, California.

While guests like Jordyn Woods showered the birthday boy with presents ― a giant crystal in her case ― Will Smith’s greatest gift was a moving birthday tribute to his son that he shared on his YouTube channel on Saturday.

“I’ll tell you something my father told me on my 21st birthday. Never break two laws at one time. Because you increase your chances exponentially of getting caught for both. So only break one law at a time,” the actor told his son with a shot of tequila in hand.

“I’m really proud of you, just the way that you’ve grown in the past few years is what parents hope for. You take it seriously to contribute to the human family,” the 50-year-old actor continued. “You just make us proud every single day. So, here’s to your 21st birthday today, and here’s to you being a full grown man.”

But, of course, Will Smith couldn’t resist poking fun at his son, ending the speech with a reminder that gravy train has officially come to halt.

“Here’s to getting you off of my insurance. Here’s to paying your own bills. The accountants are transferring your stuff first thing tomorrow morning,” he concluded.

The “Aladdin” star certainly has a lot to be proud of, as Jaden Smith spent his actual birthday feeding the homeless in downtown Los Angeles with free vegan food out of his I Love You food truck.

“The @ILoveYouRestaurant Is A Movement That Is All About Giving People What They Deserve, Healthy, Vegan Food For Free,” Jaden Smith wrote on Instagram.

The “Get Down” actor has also dedicated himself to helping the residents of Flint, Michigan, access clean water in recent years by sending cases of his own boxed water to the city and then launching a water-filtration system that can clean up to 10 gallons of water at once for families.

And his dad has clearly been feeling nostalgic over Jaden Smith’s evolution from “Karate Kid” to full-blown activist, also uploading a heartfelt video montage of family moments, featuring footage of Jaden Smith as a baby.

Watch the video below.

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