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William & Kate To Spend Summer In Balmoral With Queen Elizabeth II: Report

She's traveled around Britain and made her face known in North America, but it's high time Catherine was introduced to the Scots.

Queen Elizabeth II has extended an open invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to join The Firm in Balmoral, the royal family's private residence in Scotland.

The trip is laden with tradition, as the queen and Prince Philip spend several weeks each summer at the estate and are often joined by Prince Charles and Camilla. But this will be the former-Kate Middleton's first time joining the formal summer holiday, reports the Telegraph.

"The Queen needs to present Kate to Scotland. The time has come," Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told the British newspaper.

The Queen also needs to get to know Catherine better, both on a personal level and as a royal. The Daily Mail reports that a formal stay at Balmoral involves a mess of intricate social customs that Catherine must navigate.

One area where the Duchess should have no trouble is wardrobe. The Daily Mail writes that despite Balmoral's chilly temperatures, casual attire is only acceptable at casual events like the annual family barbecue. At evening events, floor-length dresses for the women and black tie for the men are de rigueur (we wonder if the Duchess will don Alexander McQueen, in honor of her stay in the designer's ancestral home).

Other fine points of protocol, says the Daily Mail, include interactions among the royal family:

Kate will still be expected to curtsy when the Queen enters a room (the only exception to this rule was the Queen Mother).

The Queen is first addressed as 'Your Majesty' and then 'Ma'am' to rhyme with 'jam'.


Oh, and one vital rule: At pre-lunch drinks, wait to be seated. The ultimate faux pas is to sit in Queen Victoria's chair, which as a mark of respect has been kept vacant since her death.

Considering the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke tradition by not spending part of their honeymoon at Balmoral, as the queen, Princess Anne and Prince Charles did in the past, there may be extra pressure on the visit, which the Mirror reports will likely happen at the end of August.

We hope Catherine brings along a Balmoral Summer Holiday cheat sheet.