Will Gov. Rauner Target the Illinois Supreme Court in 2018?

llinois Supreme Court Justice Burke faces retention in 2018

Since becoming a candidate for governor in 2013, Bruce Rauner has put $60 million into various campaign funds. That's more than double the Top 10 contributors gave in the four-year cycles starting in 2005 and 2009 combined.

Rauner has completely redone the political finance landscape and taken financial control away from Democrats.

But is he becoming Boss Rauner, the head of the executive branch who exerts excessive control over the legislative branch?

If Rauner really wants to test the checks and balances of the three-branch government, he'll have a chance in 2018, when he could lead the charge against retention of a Democratic Illinois Supreme Court justice who is married to one of the most powerful politicians in Illinois.

We're talking campaign money on this episode of "Only in Illinois."