Will Republicans Finally Get Real about Presidential Politics?

With presidential primaries right around the corner, isn't it time for Republicans to get real about the race for the presidency? Is that still a possibility?

Primary season begins next February with the Iowa caucuses. Surely Donald Trump and Ben Carson will be out of the picture by then, right? Surely the GOP will be trying to settle upon a more reasonable candidate by that time.

I keep hearing that people in Washington, D.C. are out of touch with what Americans across the country actually think and want. There's undoubtedly some truth to that and anti-incumbency insurgencies are nothing new. However, might certain elements of the GOP be taking things too far? Do people sincerely want someone like Trump or Carson in charge of the country?!

At the rate things are going, how many moderate, reasonable Republicans will want to stay with the Republican Party as it exists today? Might some center right people eventually realize that the other principal party (the one which doesn't have leading presidential candidates espousing racist, xenophobic and thoughtless views) could be the party of the future?

The terrifying truth is that a number of candidates in the Republican presidential race are frightening, although that's not what should be scaring people (on both the left and the right) at this time. What's truly appalling is that late-October has rolled around and Trump and Carson are still leading the polls. A recent CNN poll has Trump and Carson taking up 47 percent of total support!

That's nearly one-half.

This is an embarrassment.

What a travesty.

There's still time for Republicans to turn things around. Hillary Clinton's purported coronation is by no means a done deal, although time may be running out. America's been a two party system for so long that it's difficult to imagine anything else. While there's still time for the sane part of the GOP to prevail, it's unfortunately beginning to look like only one party has a real chance of winning a presidential election.

What kind of two-party system is that?