Will Republicans Really Relinquish Their Race Card? Let's See Them Pass the Voting Rights Act

Governor Nikki Haley's (R-SC) decision to seek removal of the confederate flag from government property is good news, but she compromised her moral leadership by qualifying words about "heritage", code word for a society explicitly and deliberately structured on racial superiority.

When Democrats passed the Civil Rights Laws in the 1960s, and thus excised the virus of racism from their party, Republicans willingly and knowingly picked up the infection. It was called "the Southern strategy." Usually careful not to be explicit, Republicans have used winks and nods to let the 'good ole boys' know that they would protect their interests.

Now, in the aftermath of the latest racist right-wing terrorism in our country, Republicans are relenting on the confederate flag. Some, however, refuse to "tell other states what to do". One wonders if they would have the same attitude if Bavaria, birthplace of Nazism, raised a swastika over its parliament to celebrate the "heritage" of the "deutsche volk."

Ridding themselves of flags, however, is a far cry from empowering those they repress as equal citizens.

If Republicans want to show they have abandoned the race card, the House and Senate should pass the revised Voting Rights bill.


And, the country should be in their face about until they do.