Will Smith's Tribute To Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus Is A 'Wild Wild West' Throwback

"Y’all Call me when you’re ready to shoot the video," the actor wrote on Instagram.

Will Smith has joined the chorus of fans who can’t get enough of Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” and its remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor paid tribute to the viral country trap song on social media Friday by taking fans down memory lane to his own country-and-western days. 

Smith posted a video on Instagram with clips from his 1999 movie “Wild Wild West” and the music video to his song of the same name released that year. The video montage on Instagram played over the “Old Town Road” remix. 

“Y’all Call me when you’re ready to shoot the video,” Smith wrote in the post’s caption. 

Lil Nas X released the official remix to “Old Town Road” featuring Cyrus on social media early Friday morning. The remixed song sparked both wide excitement and critical conversations over racism and the world of country music after its release. 

The 19-year-old Atlanta artist released his original “Old Town Road” song in December last year. The song became a viral hit, charting on music steaming platforms after it gained traction on an app called TikTok.

But Billboard later decided to remove the song from its Hot Country Songs chart after it made the list, sparking conversations over racial discrimination and the inclusion of black artists in country music.

Lil Nas X told Time in an article published March 30 that “Old Town Road” is “country trap” and that it “should be on both [charts].”

Billboard told HuffPost in a statement Friday that its “decision to take the song off of the country chart had absolutely nothing to do with the race of the artist.”

Lil Nas X’s collaboration with Cyrus, a veteran country star and the father of Miley Cyrus, won praise from many on social media, with Twitter users sarcastically asking in response to the Billboard snub: “Is this country enough?

Smith clearly believes it’s “Wild Wild West” enough. And the actor has already had his own experience taking his “horse to the Old Town Road,” as the lyrics say. He memorably arrived to the 1999 MTV Video Movie Awards on a horse.