Will Smith's $2.5 Million Movie Trailer On Display In HGTV Video Tour

Remember MTV's "Cribs?" Of course you do. Well, if the network wants to initiate a new version of the once-popular celebrity-home show, here's an idea: "Trailers." If other stars' double-wides are as decadent as Will Smith's, then MTV has a guaranteed smash on its hands.

Smith's two-story, $2.5 million trailer, nicknamed "The Heat," is the subject of HGTV's series on celebrity motor homes. A video tour of the Oscar-nominated actor's "home away from home" showcases a $20,000 bathroom, a 30-person screening room with a 100-inch TV, $30,000 leather ceilings, $100,000 granite countertops and a throng of increasingly lavish features.

The featurette is more than a year old, but /Film just rediscovered it and we simply had to call it to your attention. Top that, Mariah Carey.

Will Smith

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