Things Got Unexpectedly Erotic On The 'Suicide Squad' Set Thanks To Will Smith

"It turned a little weird," said Joel Kinnaman.

The pranks from the “Suicide Squad” set have been well documented ― specifically in regard to Jared Leto ― but this is definitely a new one. 

While the cast was visiting Conan O’Brien this weekend (following their Comic-Con appearance), Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag in the upcoming supervillain flick, revealed how one prank by Will Smith took an unexpected turn for the erotic. 

“They had rain towers that they took from the ground water in Toronto. It was icy cold. We were miserable. And Will had a brilliant idea of getting this bucket of steaming hot water,” Kinnaman explained. “He’d get this little bucket and sneak up to people that were standing, shivering to death, and pour it down their necks. You could see people standing there and then they were like, ahhhhh.” 

“It was sensual,” he added, “It turned a little weird.” 

Then Smith chimed in, creating a perfect image in our heads of just how erotic the prank turned out to be. Watch the whole interaction above. 

“Suicide Squad” is set to hit theaters on Aug. 4, but while you’re waiting to watch this band of super villains kick some serious ass, check out the latest trailer ― just released this weekend ― below.

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