Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up: Eminem Parody Satirizes GOP Candidate In His Own Words (VIDEO)

In politics, the cliche "will the real [candidate's name here] please stand up?" is often used to question the authenticity of his or her views. But let's face it -- how often can we hear that phrase without thinking of Eminem's 2000 smash hit, "The Real Slim Shady"?

Hugh Atkin apparently thought the same thing after hearing the same question over and over again: "Will the Real Mitt Romney please stand up?" And so he let Romney show us, in his own words, who he really is by splicing together TV clips of Romney and others speaking to form a spot-on parody of "The Real Slim Shady." He somehow parodies both Eminem's song and Romney's growing problems connecting with voters in one swift stroke.

Move over, Gregory Brothers -- this video is totally masterful and hilarious.