Will The Trump Administration Ever Acknowledge Climate Change?

Demand that your government faces the facts.
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Marcus Yam via Getty Images

These latest hurricanes really hit home for me, because I started my last tour in Houston and ended in three cities in Florida – the last being Miami.

But the question is – what is causing so many violent storms?

Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas create heat–trapping emissions in the atmosphere, warming the planet. The oceans are warming as well – and the warmer the oceans, the stronger the storms.

Now, Donald Trump can visit all the disaster areas he wants – but what can you do when he and his administration don’t acknowledge the science behind climate change, even removing information from the Environmental Protection Agency website.

What you can do is write your representatives... call the White House... demand that they start working on clean and renewable energy, like solar and wind, that don’t pollute the atmosphere.

Tell them to face facts – ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising – climate change is real!

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