Will there be burn out before they turn out for the election?

Election voter cycles seems to be longer than ever before especially in the swing states. Many candidates have elected to run their commercials so far in advance many voters are simply just tuning it out. Endless commercials and political sound bites, could cause voters to waver and become disengaged with the democratic process.

What is its impact on both the democratic and republican parties? Many voters simply don't have the time and energy to wade through the rhetoric and insults. With many readers not reading the paper, often times the details get lost in a quick fast headline on Twitter or Facebook. Selected sounds bites distort stories which often put candidates on the defense and distracts from the major issues.

Are voters simply overwhelmed or just sick of all of the fighting? Voters found it increasingly difficult to distinguish one candidate from the other and slowly lose the motivation to participate.

Many people tune in to see what the candidates have to say at the conventions. Voters who are engaged are looking to seek out knowledge on the core issues before making a decision. The lack of such insight leads to a long-term lack of engagement.

If we were running these campaigns like a viable business, would it really make sense keep repeating history to keep getting the same result? These candidates are not only have their own personal brands but also reflect upon the larger brands of these parties. The intention is to have a greater voter turn out, keep voters engaged and participate. Have both parties become so out of touch to really resonate with voters? Polls, surveys and robo calls are just reinforcing to voters they are just another number. These campaigns know why but often fall short to really connect with busy frustrated voters.