Will Vladamir Putin NOW inaugurate Trump Tower in Moscow, you bet!!

There’s a fundamental question here and that is one of trust. Look, let’s cut to the chase here. Donald Trump is making huge capital out of the fact that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted because of the whole email scandal or questions about her integrity after the mishap in Benghazi. Whatever your views on this issue the one burning question comes up time and time again and that is of, TRUST. While Mr Trump and his GOP cronies would like to focus on just how distrustful Hillary is, we’re assuming that Donald is by implication infallible. Of course he’s not. There are massive issues of Trust as far as Donald Trump is concerned. This isn’t just about his tax returns and whether or not he’s lying or keeping something from the American people. I think it’s safe to assume that as he hasn’t then, clearly there must be a question mark there. No, I’m referring  to Donald Trumps relationship with Vladamir Putin. Let’s step back a bit here. It’s a well established fact that Trump has tried over and over again to court Vladamir Putin and more importantly, to try and build real estate in Russia. But, he hasn’t succeeded so far.

Donald Trump in a recent interview told ABC News that he had a relationship with Vladamir Putin. As the interviewer quoted, Trump said in 2012, 2013 and in 2014 that he did in fact have a relationship with Vladamir Putin. Mr Trump when pressed on ‘what is your relationship with Valdamir Putin’ replied, ‘I don’t have a relationship with Putin’. A total and utter contradiction and raises the issue of trust. Mr Trump also then adds ‘what would you call a relationship’. Mr Trump, you are an absolute liar. You fudge the truth to suit you and then start playing semantics. If you have to ask the question then why would you say ‘you had a relationship with Vladamir Putin’. Clearly you have no idea what the word even means.

Let’s take a look at your business record in Russia. Donald Trump has travelled to Russia on numerous occasions as far back as the 1980s in search of business opportunities. This includes 1987 where he looked at various sites to build luxury hotels. That never came to fruition. Then in 1997 Trump tried to build a series of luxury condominiums, that too never came to fruition.  Then in 2005 he tried to build a Trump Tower, that too, never happened…and on it goes. In fact Mr Trump has tried more than 6 times to make business ventures or create in-roads in to Russia and Moscow to create a Trump property legacy of some sort but despite all his rhetoric and not for want of trying, ’it has never happened’. So, what’s my point? I’ll come to that in just a moment.

Recently at the Republican National Convention Mr Trump had his aides blocked, and notably the only policy which was so diligently altered and tirelessly negotiated on was, the policy on Russia and Mr Putin’s actions in Ukraine/Crimea. Originally, the GOP platform was to provide Ukraine with weapons but now Trump and his aides had that altered so that the US supports “providing appropriate assistance” to Ukraine, but doesn’t mention providing arms to the government in Kiev. 


Take that in the context of Donald Trumps most recent comments and it should send alarm bells sounding in the most liberal of Republicans. Donald Trump contends that Russia and Vladamir Putin have no wish or desire to enter Ukraine. This despite the FACT that Russian troops have been in Ukraine and have also assisted separatists troops there. In the first instance I don’t know where Mr Trump gets his intelligence from or how he formulates his views. The CIA are now to brief Mr Trump on what they call ‘vanilla briefing’ on intelligence issues. That aside Mr Trump must, for God’s sake, be talking of a different Ukraine and not the one in Europe. Unfortunately, he isn’t. Not only is Mr Trump clearly unaware of geopolitics but he has zero and I repeat, zero experience in this regard. Secondly, how can he conceivably say that Russia are NOT in the Ukraine when they clearly ARE. Is this man just plain dumb and stupid. It’s like walking out on a bright sunny day and asking whether it’s day or night. It is blindingly obvious that Russia entered Ukraine a while back and have been assisting soldiers who want to annex Crimea from the rest of Ukraine. Something that the democratically elected government in Kiev and the West, firmly oppose.

When you put all of the evidence together and weigh up the actions and words of Donald Trump there is only one conclusion, Donald Trump is merely ingratiating himself with Vladamir Putin for one reason and one reason alone – he is paving the way for a Trump property empire in Russia. Something he hasn’t managed to pull off for many, many years. This is simply a way of appeasing the Russian leader and has zero benefit for the West but instead selfishly has massive benefits for Mr Trump, what a surprise. What if Donald Trump were elected President and he made the political flirtations towards Russia as he is now. Do you think Trump tower would be up in a year, no it’d be up in less than 3 months. It’s very apparent that Mr Trump is only trying to carry favour with Valdamir Putin to simply build his Trump Tower, luxury hotels and condominiums. It’s as plain as day and if anyone can’t see that well then might I suggest they go back to kindergarten and start all over again.

This just highlights the fact that Donald Trump is a conman and has zero regard for anyone but himself. He conducts his entire campaign as a private affair without any concern for others. He talks a good talk but at the end of the day what we are dealing with is a TV celebrity at best who courts the limelight and wants to be the center of attention. He has no idea about local or national politics and very little, knowledge about anything that is going on in the United States other than what he’s told or what he reads and sees in the press.

Another example of this is the issue on minimum wage. His first contention was that minimum wage should remain where it is. Then he says let the individual States decide. Then he says he will raise it to $10. Look, he has no clue about economics and being a businessman doesn’t give you an insight or monopoly of handling the U.S. economy. It’s not a given. The best brains in business and commerce can’t handle the swings in the economic cycles so how is Donald Trump such an expert?? Can I remind everyone that Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy on many occasions. He has no tangible policies and has no real solutions to the economic problems facing this country. Donald Trump is as we say in TV speak ‘a gob on a stick’.

People need to really wake up and see this man for who he is. I don’t know about you but would you see a doctor who wasn’t qualified; send your kids to a school where the teachers didn’t have the right skills or qualifications; jump on a bus/plan/train where the pilot of driver wasn’t qualified to fly or drive, no exactly! In just the same way would you allow someone like Donald Trump to run the country. HE HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS AND NO EXPEREINCE.

Wake up America!

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