Will You Be Disappointed On Valentine's Day? Let This Flowchart Find Out For You

Will You Be Disappointed On Valentine's Day?

Are you human?

It's totally normal to feel like Valentine's Day has to be an unforgettably romantic experience. After all, jewelers, florists, restaurants and greeting card companies depend on it! But the notion that Feb. 14 must exceed our expectations of a standard Saturday night is cliché. Whether you're in a relationship or not, chances are you're going to feel a tinge of disappointment on Valentine's Day. But don't worry, because you're definitely not alone.

Even if you're in love or are perfectly happy being single, assuming that Valentine's Day is anything to fret over will only lead to some version of "womp, womp." Find out why with our flowchart, and remember, you don't need a cheesy holiday to spread the love:

valentines day chart

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Let's face it, Valentine's Day is something everyone dreads sometimes.

Valentine's Day Dos And Don'ts

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