Will You Endeavor to Give Love?

Seems like these days you can find a scandal hiding under every rock, a horrific story of violence around every corner, and a frightening tale of inequality and doomsday just about to sneak up on you from behind.

It's true that a lot of the issues you hear talked about on NPR or during the presidential debates feel really... big. And sometimes they make me feel really small.

With that small feeling comes the sense that I'm just a single voice in an ocean of voices, many of which are louder or more impassioned than mine.


But I've come to the conclusion that although my voice probably won't sweep through the world and cause a tsunami of change... there are some people who hear it. Some people know that I exist, interact with me on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

I am influencing some people in the world. And that might not start a tsunami, but it could cause a few ripples or maybe even a swell.

Will You Endeavor to Give Love?

The more I realize that my voice and actions matter, the more I realize the importance of giving love, every single day.

Giving love doesn't mean, oh, Allison is nice to her family members and her partner. It means something more subtle and universal than that.

It means coming from a place of love on a daily basis, in everything that we do. It means sitting down to write a blog post with the loving intention of making a difference for someone in the world. It means treating the grocery clerk with as much respect as you would like to be treated, choosing not to slam on the horn when some clueless driver swipes in front of you on the freeway.

Treating every person and every endeavor with respect, dignity, and yes, love. Understanding that every single situation is a wonderful gift - even when it seems like a terrible disaster.

The most powerful way to give love is to start right now, today, in the smallest of tasks. Reading this article. Being nice to the person you just can't stand. Forgiving others for transgressions against you.

How will you give love today? I'd like to hear in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this article, please "like" and share!

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