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William and Kate: Star-Crossed Lovers or Soul Mates?

We know every detail about the wedding; the cake, the guest list, the seating, the timeline, the bridesmaids, the preparations and the protocol. But admit it: you're dying to know what the stars say.
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We know every detail about the wedding; the cake, the guest list, the seating, the timeline, the bridesmaids, the preparations and the protocol. All right already; let's get down to what's really important. Admit it: you're dying to know what the stars say. Is this all just a media circus, or is there real magic?

Prince William (June 21, 1982) was born at the new moon in Cancer, meaning the sun (identity) and moon (feelings) were both in the sign of the crab. Cancer is a water sign motivated by emotion rather than logic, which makes William deeply compassionate, intuitive, romantic, protective, private and domestic. The crab is the perfect metaphor for this tender sign; they need a cozy place (or palace) to retreat to, something or someone to nurture and time to process. That doesn't mean William isn't ambitious; born when the sun is strongest, Cancers have an understated power that runs deep; they have to feel their way through things. Princess Diana was also a Cancer sun sign. In fact, Cancers are devoted to their mothers and have a deep attachment to home, tradition and the past. William's obvious pleasure in giving Kate his mother's engagement ring and bringing her to visit Diana's grave is typical of this sensitive sign.

Kate (Jan. 9, 1982) was born at the full moon; her sun is in Capricorn; her moon is in the opposite sign of Cancer. Capricorn is an earth sign: conservative, cautious, reserved, ambitious, practical and extremely patient. In fact, Capricorn's patience, determination and tenacity are unparalleled; once their mind is made up, nothing can deter them. Capricorns exude a natural authority and maturity; they are acutely aware of their public image and strive to do the right thing. It is unlikely that Kate will create the slightest scandal or even say or do anything controversial. Her clothes, hair and grooming are always perfect, and true to her sign, she favors clean lines, classic styles and solid colors. Like William, her moon is in Cancer, which makes her sympathetic, warm and deeply devoted to family and friends. In a way she is a combination of tough and tender. Her Capricorn sun gives her a polished and put-together exterior, but inside she is vulnerable and shy, with a strong desire to be needed and appreciated.

This is all well and good, but how does it add up? First of all, Cancer and Capricorn are extremely compatible. They are opposite each other; opposite signs attract, complete and complement each other. They are both cardinal signs (they belong to the same family), so they share many of the same qualities; they're independent, active, strong, traditional and natural leaders. The sign Cancer is associated with mother and nurturing; Capricorn is the sign of the father and authority. Although William will be king one day, Kate is stronger, more self-reliant and mature. She is both intuitive and has a good head for business; she'll be able to provide William with honest feedback and tremendous loyalty. With his sun and moon in Cancer, William is more emotional and romantic; he can help Kate to relax her guard and trust her feelings.

They both have a Cancer moon, so they share a deep emotional bond and a powerful need for a home and family; their secluded cottage in Anglesey must be a great refuge for them. Kate has a strong relationship with her tight-knit family, and William enjoys spending time with them as well. Perhaps Kate's warm family life was part of the attraction; as a double Cancer, William would naturally crave that. The Cancer moon makes them protective of each other and deeply loyal; when they have children, they will be devoted and doting parents. Capricorn and Cancer sun signs have different parenting styles; Kate will be the disciplinarian while William will be more playful and easygoing.

They each have the mind planet Mercury in air signs, so they have great communication and will never run out of things to talk about. Her Venus, planet of love, makes a lovely aspect to his Mars, planet of passion. Kate's Jupiter, planet of good fortune, sits at the top of William's chart; she will be a great asset to him. Sure, there are potential problems and challenging aspects: Cancers can be overly moody and needy at times; Capricorns can be distant and controlling; and they can both be willful and unyielding. But they have enough good aspects in their charts and even the necessary magic.

Astrologers throughout the ages have searched for indicators of the ideal match. In fact, the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung studied the astrological charts of his patients and discovered the best marriages had a sun/moon connection (when one's sun or moon is in the same sign as one's partner). All relationships have challenges; it comes with the territory, but this aspect is the astrological equivalent of Velcro: it keeps a couple together. It certainly isn't the only signature of an enduring bond, but it's one of the best. Kate's Cancer moon connects with William's Cancer sun; her moon even connects with his moon. More magic: Kate's Capricorn sun connects with William's karmic south node (also in Capricorn); her Cancer moon connects with his north node of destiny and falls in his seventh house of marriage. There is something truly fated about their relationship.

Much has been made of William's desire not to marry until now, yet he was wise to trust his instincts. Kate has been dubbed "Waity Katie" in the press and criticized for hanging in so long, yet she did what was right for her and the relationship. Both William and Kate are currently experiencing their Saturn Return, which takes place at age 29, when Saturn returns to its birth position. This is a major turning point in one's life, a watershed event that signals the end of youth and the beginning of adulthood. There is something in us at 29 that is ready to make a serious commitment and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed: a career, an advanced degree, a relationship or a family. Kate and William have Saturn in the sign Libra, the ancient sign of marriage, so they take close relationships seriously. Those with Saturn in Libra do better when married, but it's advisable to wait until one's Saturn Return. Furthermore, William's progressed moon is currently in his seventh house of marriage; this is the perfect time for them to be getting married.

There are no guarantees in life or marriage, but William and Kate share great astrology, the right amount of magic and impeccable timing. Like their courtship, their marriage should be a Royal success.