William And Kate's Wedding Gifts: Strangest Presents From The Commonwealth

Top 6 Weirdest Wedding Gifts William And Kate Got During Their Travels

After tying the knot in last year's biggest wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton toured the Commonwealth nations, visiting landmarks and locals in Australia, New Zealand and Canada -- and getting showered with wedding gifts along the way.

On Tuesday, St. James's Palace released a list of gifts the couple received during their travels, and while most of the presents listed were unsurprising -- local sports jerseys, cultural memorabilia, indigenous art -- some were... a little more peculiar.

Click through the slideshow below to see the top 6 oddest wedding gifts the royal couple received in the Commonwealth nations, and let us know which ones you think William and Kate would do well to, er, re-gift.

Three Pairs Of Shoes

Kate and Will's Gifts

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