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William Baxter Sues Cat Owner For $100,000 After 'Unprovoked Attack'

Meow that must have been one heck of an attack.

The Southtown Star reports that William Baxter of Homer Glen, Ill. filed a $100,000 lawsuit after a cat owned by Christine Bobak allegedly attacked him.

The suit, which was filed March 22, claims the attack was 'unprovoked' and took place while Baxter was taking care of it back in 2011.

Though the paper could not confirm whether Baxter and Bobak are married, they have uncovered some circumstantial evidence that would suggest they are, or at least were. Click over to the Southtown Star for details.

Gawker's Taylor Berman writes that Baxter obviously handled the alleged attack "well."

"And by took it well, I mean he decided to sue the cat's owner for the entirely reasonable sum of $100,000," adds Berman.

Mokena Patch reports that, according to the suit, Baxter was attempting to feed the cat when the feline, "without provocation, viciously attacked, bit and clawed."

The suit also said that Baxter "will in the future continue to suffer."

Baxter's lawyer, Michael Shammas, did not immediately return a call for comment from The Huffington Post.

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