William Blakely, Former Vice Mayor, Allegedly Drove 90 MPH With Genitals Out Window

Former Vice-Mayor Allegedly Masturbates Out Car Window At 90 MPH

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Hearings have begun for the former Vice-Mayor of a Tennessee town accused of masturbating out of his open car window while speeding down the Interstate.

William Blakely, 30, was arrested in February after another driver claimed he had "fondled himself" and tried to get her to lift up her shirt while he was driving next to her, the Bristol Herald Courier reported.

The woman also noted that the man was "looking directly at her and smiling as he drove," according to a police report obtained by the Times News.

The woman did not know Blakely previously, but identified him from a photo lineup, according to the report.

Blakely had previously been an alderman and vice mayor for the town of Mount Carmel.

The man's preliminary hearing took place Thursday, when three different women testified against him, WJHL reported.

"He was taking his hand, wetting his mouth, and masturbating," witness Deborah Sturgill told the court. "At over 90 mph, he had his penis out [the window].

Detective Terry Christian told the station that each of the three women had been in separate cars and did not know one another, but they each gave "the same story."

Christian added that his department has received "dozens" of calls complaining about Blakely's behavior over the past three to four years.

Blakely is facing charges of indecent exposure, reckless endangerment, and attempt to commit aggravated assault.

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