William Bonner of Georgia Sets Head On Fire In Bar Bet (VIDEO)

HOT VIDEO: Drunk Man Bets He Can Set His Head On Fire, Wins


A boozed up bar-goer bet his buddies that he could douse his head in high-proof alcohol and light it on fire. He won the bet, with predictable results.

William Bonner, 36, of Augusta, Ga., decided it was a good idea on Friday night to pour a shot of Bacardi 151 on his head and then have a friend light the alcohol, according to WFXG.

The stunt caught on a security camera inside Allie Katz Bar and Grill, resulted in a hat made of flames atop Bonner's skull. The video (above) shows Bonner frantically looking for a beer to quell the fire as friends look on in horror.

The lapse in judgement lasted about 10 seconds.

"I've seen a lot of things," said bar owner Bryan Birmingham to the station, "But never something like that."

Local news outlets originally reported that the flame-game was an act of aggression by other bar patrons, WJBF reported. But it turns out that Bonner just wanted to make a quick buck.

He reportedly refused medical aid on the scene and friends drove him to the hospital. He was in critical condition for a few days but was released on Monday.

It's unclear how much money he bet, or whether his friends payed up.

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