Will.I.Am Drops In To Discuss Making Music, Working Hard, And Cheetahs

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I know I've been going on and on about how awesome the Oasis is, and how it's the place to be, and yada-yada-yada, but seriously, I am not exaggerating. Will.I.Am. just stopped in to hang out, drink smoothies, and answer a couple of my Oasis-related questions.

But before we did that, I snuck some paparazzi-style photos of Will and sipping his smoothie. He likes the green kind.


And here is our interview. And to Will's credit, he was verrry chilled out. Looks like not everyone needs an Oasis!

Hi Will, how long are you in town for?
Till Friday.

And what are your plans while you're in Denver?
Performing at the Creative Coalition on Wednesday, and then Thursday at the stadium. I've also got the Pea Pod event on Thursday night - in the tent next to the Hyatt.

So, obviously we're all about relaxation here. What do you do to relax?
I make music.

Oh. Well that's handy. Since it's your job and all.
Unfortunately for you, that's what I do. [Um, is Will. I. Am pitying me?] It's my life. It's my stress. It's my escape. And when I'm stressed out about the music business, I make a song that's not for the music business.

Huh. Smart move. So, you never get tired? Never feel the need to just shut-off for a bit?
I'm a cheetah.

And cheetah's don't get tired.
Yeah. And that's cheet-ah, not cheater. No E-R.