William Fox Sentenced To 35 Years For Sexual Abuse Of Two Adopted Sons

Former 'Father Of The Year' Cop Sentenced To 35 Years For Sex Abuse Of Two Adopted Sons

A 66-year old retired NYPD officer was sentenced to 35 years in jail on Thursday for sexually abusing his two adopted sons and another child.

William Fox from Staten Island pleaded no contest back in August to nine charges that included incest and corruption of minors.

In 1981, Fox was named "Father of the Year" after taking in Michael Buchanan, a suicidal teen who Fox had convinced to not jump off a rooftop building on Bowery. Later, Fox and Buchanan wrote a novel about the incident and their relationship titled "The Cop and The Kid."

The story enthralled the public, and Fox went onto make television appearances and magazine interviews.

While Fox is not being charged with molesting Buchanan, he will be behind bars for sexually abusing two other adopted sons and another youth. One of the sons, Shane Fox, testified that he decided to put an end to years of abuse after he caught his father molesting his younger adopted brother who is 16 years old.

Fox came under a two year investigation partly because a "concerned individual" claimed that Fox had molested him multiple times as a Boy Scout from 1978-1980.

Fox will have a chance at parole when he becomes 83-years old.

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