William 'Refrigerator' Perry Gets Super Bowl Ring Back From 10-Year-Old Cliff Forrest Jr. (VIDEO)

For 10-year-old Cliff Forrest, Jr., it was the chance of a lifetime: William "Refrigerator" Perry's Super Bowl ring was on sale at a restaurant in New York. While his dad was out of town, Cliff convinced his mom to let him use $8,500 of his college savings to buy the priceless piece of memorabilia.

The Bears' legendary running back won't say what happened to the ring -- whether he sold it, had it stolen, or simply misplaced it, no one knows, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Whatever the case, there it was on sale, and young Cliff Jr. snapped it up.

But then, the Pittsburgh boy Googled the Fridge, and learned about his debilitating illness. The former player suffers from Guillain-Barre, a debilitating neurological condition that has seen him in and out of the hospital, and left him generally in fragile health.

Forrest made an astonishing decision, which his parents couldn't help but support: he'd fly to Chicago and give the ring back.