William Shatner Latest Celeb Singled Out For 'Special' Treatment By TSA

Talk about getting caught with your pants down. Literally.

That was the predicament "Star Trek" actor and Priceline pitchman William Shatner found himself in recently at Los Angles International Airport when he was chosen for extra scrutiny by the Transportation Security Administration, reports The Toronto Sun.

Shatner, 81, was on his way to South Africa and was wearing loose-fitting clothes for the long flight and wasn't wearing a belt when he was pulled from the security line. As he was being checked, his pants fell to the floor, exposing his underwear to all around.

"It was awful to have people looking at me with my pants down," Shatner later said, "probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me."

The actor isn't the first celebrity who's been embarrassed or worse at an airport checkpoint. As the watchdog blog TSA News notes, the list of well-known travelers subjected to special treatment at the airports includes Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Kyra Sedgwick.

There's even a blog dedicated to posting photos of celebrities "being groped, disrespected and inconvenienced" by the TSA.

As Lisa Simeone at TSA News, which documents what it considers abuses by the agency, wrote of celebrities, "I guess this shows that they’re 'just like you and me'. Or maybe the blue-shirted wonders just want to poke and prod the rich and famous."

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