William Stokkebroe, Baby, Dances To Elvis' Jailhouse Rock (VIDEO)

This toddler could give any Elvis impersonator a run for his money.

With nimble feet and moves that could have even made "The King" himself a bit envious, William Stokkebroe jives to "Jailhouse Rock," as fans laugh and cheer at his lively performance.

Dancing isn't a foreign concept to the 2-year-old, who has watched his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe groove to music at Studie 43, according to the video's description.

Dressed in a distinguished black and white button-down shirt, the toddler boogies, claps and even attempts to sing the famous song as he works the crowd for all they've got.

When the music comes to an end, William takes a triumphant bow that might be the most charming moment of the whole performance.

Could William make it big in show business? Well, he's sure off to a good start.

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