Larry Nassar’s Boss Accused Of Assaulting Students In Practice Exam

Michigan State University dean William Strampel was head of the department that employed convicted child molester Larry Nasser.

Two more women have come out against the boss of disgraced coach and convicted child molester Larry Nassar, alleging the man sexually assaulted them while performing practice medical exams, according to court filings from Tuesday.

Police arrested former Michigan State University dean William Strampel in late March on two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty, one count of misconduct of a public official and one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual misconduct after four women accused him of sexual misconduct. The latest allegations now bring the total number of women accusing him to six.

Strampel reportedly lured the two young women into becoming models for practice examinations while he was the dean of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, according to Tuesday filings from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office obtained by CNN.

“Strampel conducted a full examination, including a breast examination, an anal examination that included the penetration of the anus, a pelvic examination that penetrated the vagina, and all were conducted in front of a small group of medical students,” a complaint from the office stated.

One of the women who participated accused Strampel of saying the examinations “turned him on” and that he was “beginning to get hard,” CNN reported. Another woman accused Strampel penetrating her vagina with his fingers before offering to admit her into medical school with a score of 19 on the MCAT, 6 points lower than MSU admissions benchmark for the standardized test.

Strampel is already facing allegations from four women who accuse the former dean of groping multiple female students, as well as soliciting them for nude photos and sexual acts in exchange for favorable treatment, HuffPost reported in March.

A hearing scheduled for May 3 will determine whether the new testimonies of the two women will be allowed in court for Strampel’s trial, according to CNN. The Michigan Attorney General’s Office did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

MSU Interim President John Engler told HuffPost that “there will be no more Bill Strampels,” in response to the new allegations of abuse during practice exams.

“What I continue to learn about Bill Strampel disgusts me,” Engler told HuffPost in a statement. “Anytime concerns are raised about faculty and staff behavior, we take those concerns seriously and investigate. We will not let our students and employees down. There is zero tolerance for abusive behavior and comments. We are making changes in our Human Resource policies, including those governing evaluations and reviews.”

Strampel oversaw convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar while at MSU and handled a 2014 Title IX investigation into sexual abuse accusations against the doctor. The dean allowed Nassar to continue working throughout the investigation, a time in which Nassar continued to abuse young athletes.

Investigators have found pornographic images and videos on Strampel’s computer, which included one of Nassar sexually abusing a young female athlete.

Nassar abused at least 265 children and young women during his time as team doctor for MSU and USA Gymnastics. The Michigan Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation into MSU after The Detroit News reported that over the course of two decades at least 14 school officials, including Strampel, were made aware of Nassar’s actions.

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