William Todd Crime Spree: 11 Felonies Racked Up In 9 Hours In Nashville, Cops Say

Epic Crime Spree Includes Gunpoint Robbery, Burglary, Defecation And Haircut

A fugitive spent his bus layover in Tennessee allegedly committing 11 felonies in just 9 hours -- a bizarre crime spree that included Tasing bar patrons, lighting a business on fire and carjacking two cabs, cops said.

William Todd traveled to Nashville on Monday by Greyhound bus and, during a lull in his trip, started wreaking havoc at 3 a.m. by breaking into a business and stealing a Taser, a revolver and a shotgun, WSMV-TV reported. He proceeded to shoot the place up, steal a T-shirt and then light the building on fire, police say.

View the timeline and photo below.

Then Todd found four people leaving a nearby bar. He held them at gunpoint, Tased one, pistol whipped another and stole their cash and credit cards, cops said.

Just five minutes later, he allegedly jacked a cab and sped off to spend his victims' money at Walmart. He unloaded $200 and headed for downtown, according to NBC Miami.

That's when things got really weird.

He reportedly found a law office, ransacked the place and defecated on a desk. He smeared feces on some framed law degrees before moving on to an adjacent hotel, police said.

Inside, Todd allegedly went door to door pretending to be a female housekeeper in an attempt to rob guests. He held a Canadian couple at gunpoint and took $600 -- crying the whole time, according to WSMV.

At some point in the hotel, he shaved his long red ponytail. Security footage shows a completely bald man leaving that is apparently him.

At about 9 a.m., Todd crashed his stolen cab into a parking garage. Two hours later, he hailed a new cab and at knifepoint kicked out the driver.

Cops were hot on his tail at this point. He drove to the Opry Mills shopping mall just outside of the city center, where he tried to submerge himself in a vat of water, with only his nose exposed, the Daily Mail reported.

But an eagle-eyed officer spotted him and brought his rampage to an end.

"He was just on a terror," said Sgt. Tony Blackburn to WSMV-TV. "I've never seen anything like this before."

Cops charged him with crimes like burglary, aggravated assault and fraud. His bond was set at $180,000. He's also reportedly a wanted man in Kentucky.

William Todd's alleged crime spree:

3:05 a.m.: Todd burglarizes a business, stealing a Taser, a revolver and a shotgun. He fires shots, steals a T-shirt and then lights the place on fire.

3:30 a.m.: Todd finds four people at a local watering hole, holds them at gunpoint, Tases one, pistol whips another and steals everyone's cash.

3:40 a.m.: He carjacks a cab and heads to Walmart to spend $200 on supplies.

5 a.m. to 6 a.m.: Todd breaks into a law office, defecates on a desk and smears poo all over some framed law degrees.

6 a.m.: Todd hits Hotel Indigo nearby, where he impersonates a female housekeeper and then steals $600 from a Canadian couple at gunpoint. He was crying the whole time.

Some time later: He shaves his head and leaves.

9 a.m.: Todd crashes his stolen cab into a parking garage.

11:30 a.m.: He hails a new cab, holds the driver at knifepoint, and takes his new ride to Opry Mills shopping mall. He submerges himself in a vat of water until cops find and arrest him.

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