Garbage Trucks In Williamsburg And Greenpoint Increasing Pollution

Garbage Trucks And Waste Stations In Williamsburg And Greenpoint On The Rise

According to a new a report, Williamsburg and Greenpoint top New York's list for having the most garbage trucks roaming neighborhood streets, where 19 of the city's 58 waste stations are located.

The Daily News reports on the study conducted by the Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity (OUTRAGE) and finds there are a staggering 362 trucks per hour at six major intersection in the area, a significant spike from the 300 trucks recorded in 2004.

An organizer for the advocacy group criticized the numbers and said that it was unfair to have garbage from outside boroughs dumped in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Thursday's report also cites that days when the waste stations were operating there was a 355 percent increase in pollutant matter floating in the air, as opposed to days when the waste stations were closed.

The pollution produced by both the trucks and waste stations is a growing concern for community members.

In 2007, community groups were able to stall plans to build a garbage facility in the East River State Park, a popular recreation space that also holds the Williamsburg Waterfront concerts.

Neighbors have also recently complained about the rising number of homeless people seen in McCarren Park. One parent said:

Last week, I saw poop by the sprinklers - there were flies all around. They're using that area to change their clothes. Whenever you go in the back of the playground you see poop and pee there.

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