Willie Nelson's Coldplay Cover For Chipotle (VIDEO)

Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay For Chipotle

Looks like we can now feel even better about ourselves for eating Chipotle more than once a week. Thanks, Willie Nelson!

The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a non-profit established by the burrito barons (that's what I call Chipotle, OK?), commits itself to creating a more sustainable and healthier food supply and raising awareness about food issues the world over. In the past few years, they've raised thousands of dollars for farming organizations and culinary institutions.

And now they've gone and enlisted Willie Nelson to cover Coldplay's "The Scientist" for an adorable stop-motion animation video called "Back to the Start," which follows a pink farmer who decides to go big business, before reverting back to his organic farming ways.

We imagine the phone conversation between Nelson and Chipotle below:

CHIPOTLE: Hey, is this Willie Nelson?

WILLIE: Yes, it is.

CHIPOTLE: Hi, this is Chipotle.

WILLIE: Oh, hey. How are ya?

CHIPOTLE: Good, thanks. We're wondering if you'd want to do a song for a video we're making about organic farming.

WILLIE: Sure, I could write something for that. Can you give me a couple days to --

CHIPOTLE: (interrupting) Why don't you just cover "The Scientist" by Coldplay?

WILLIE: By who?

CHIPOTLE: Coldplay.

WILLIE: That seems weird.

CHIPOTLE: We assure you, it's not.

WILLIE: (Long pause) Can I have free burritos for life?

CHIPOTLE: Hold on. (Long pause) Free burrito bowls. For thirty years.


Mashable reports that Chipotle plans to air the video at movie theaters, and you can buy the song on iTunes, with $0.60 of each download going to the Foundation.

Nelson, who turned 78 last April, has a long history of supporting farmers and sustainable agriculture. As the president of Farm Aid, he's organized a major concert and countless events every year. This year's Farm Aid concert took place August 13 in Kansas City.

WATCH the Chipotle video below:

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