Willis McGahee Defends Tim Tebow, Jabs Ravens Fan Making Fun Of Broncos QB At Pro Bowl (VIDEO)

Broncos RB Jabs Ravens Fan Making Fun Of Tebow

While Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee was signing autographs during Thursday's Pro Bowl practice, a Baltimore Ravens fan felt the need to take a shot at one of his teammates, Tim Tebow.

To be specific, the Baltimore supporter made fun of Tebow by saying if Denver had a better quarterback, the team would win more often. We're not sure why he chose that route, considering Tebow started off 7-1 as the starting quarterback, helped his team win a division title and won a playoff game -- the same number of playoff wins the Ravens had this year.

Either way, McGahee's comeback was fantastic.

"That's not nice. That's like saying if you had a better kicker, you'd have won," he said, causing the rest of the fans in the area to scream "Oh!" like a bunch of grade school students. Even the Ravens fan was impressed.

McGahee, of course, was referring to Baltimore's heartbreaking loss in the AFC Championship Game to the New England Patriots, in which kicker Billy Cundiff missed a chip shot that would have sent the game into overtime. Again, we're not sure why the Ravens fan would take a shot at Tebow for not winning enough when Denver and Baltimore won the same amount of playoff games in 2012. Nonetheless, we thank the fan for this clip.

WATCH: (Video Via Sports Grid)

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