This Little Girl Wore Awesome Halloween Costumes All Month Long

Six-year-old Willow paid tribute to many pop culture icons.

For 6-year-old Willow, Halloween dress-up isn’t limited to one day of the year.

The creative little girl loves to wear costumes throughout the month of October. It’s an annual tradition her mom, photographer Gina Lee, calls “Dress Up Willow Month.”

“Willow still loves it,” Lee told HuffPost. “And she loves dressing up with her friend Cooper. They make a great dress-up team.”

Over the years, the mother-daughter duo have put together a slew of DIY and store-bought costumes to transform Willow into pop culture icons, historical figures, fictional characters and more. For Dress Up Willow Month 2018, the little girl has paid tribute to Mister Rogers, Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Snooki, Willie Nelson and more.

“I draw inspiration from what’s trending throughout the year and inspirational men and women in history,” said Lee. “And sometimes we take it back in time. I love old-school costumes as well.”

Lee added that her daughter’s favorite costume this year might be Anne Wheeler from “The Greatest Showman.”

“We still do this for fun ― and also to give inspiration to other families,” the mom explained. “We get so many messages asking how we do that, how did you put it together. Most of the costumes are pretty easy to put together. It’s fun.”

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