Willow Smith Discusses The Challenges Of Fame: 'Red Table Talk' (EXCLUSIVE)

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 13, Jada Pinkett-Smith discusses motherhood, quality time and life in the limelight with her daughter, Willow Smith, and mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, in an upcoming video discussion, "Red Table Talk".

During the candid discussion, the 40-year-old actress questioned Willow’s career interests and asked her whether or not she would change anything about her life.

“If I had to change one thing about my life, it would probably be, I wouldn’t be famous,” the 11-year-old singer admitted. “Because when you’re famous it’s so hard. Let’s say if a regular girl is going to the book store, it’s ten times harder to go everywhere [when you're famous]. But some people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so easy,’ and I’m like, ‘As fast as you can get there, it’s going to take me ten more minutes to get there.’ Because I have to call security.”

Echoing her daughter, Pinkett-Smith said that security has been a “real issue” for Willow and asked her for tips on how to make her lifestyle more seamless.

But the actress acknowledged that fame has its advantages, too.

“It’s not like I can’t reverse being famous,” she added. "Sometimes I don’t want to be, but then sometimes I do because when there’s a problem in the world, more people will listen to me… it’s kind of like helping people and if I’m not, then I can’t help people as much as I would if I was famous.”

The former "HawthoRNe" star says she hopes to advance the conversation into a series of ongoing discussions.

"My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships,” she asserts in the series trailer. “Just for people to be able to sit down together and have a conversation, that's the power of love. Love is what sometimes holds us and binds us when we're not so happy. If we concentrate on how much we can love one another, we can get through all the other stuff.”

As an added bonus, check out an exclusive sneak preview of “Red Table Talk” in its entirety before its May 13 online debut.


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