Willow Smith's Tongue Ring Is 'Fake,' She Says (PHOTO, POLL)

PHOTOS: Did Willow Smith Pierce Her Tongue?

Is Willow Smith Hollywood's new wild child?

The eccentric 11-year-old daughter of superstar couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has shocked us in the past with her multi-colored shaved hair and head-turning wardrobe. But Willow's latest attention-grabbing statement had us really concerned.

Perhaps in a show of tween rebellion, the "Whip My Hair" singer posted a picture via Instagram of herself and a friend showing off what looked to be real piercings. Willow poses with her mouth open and a silver ball on her tongue, while her friend sports a silver chin stud.

Willow's fans and followers went crazy after seeing the photo.

"That awkward moment when you find out Willow Smith has a tongue piercing. She's 11," one person tweeted.

Let's not forget the presumed lack of parental guidance in this situation. Another person chimed in on Twitter to point a finger at Will and Jada, tweeting: "Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring. WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?"

As cool as Will and Jada may seem, it's hard to believe they would green-light this venture -- and they would have to under California state underage piercing laws.

Thankfully they didn't. Just as the hoopla surrounding the pic reached a fever pitch, Willow admitted the piercing was just a hoax: "It's fake... Sorry," she added to the Instagram photo.

Phew! We're relieved -- are you?

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