Then And Now: Wilma Hurskainen Revisits Childhood Tourist Snapshots With Her Sisters In 'Growth' (PHOTOS)

Four Sisters Travel Back In Time To Childhood Tourist Snapshots

Between the cheesy souvenir T-shirts and bad sunburns, most of us would not like to revisit our childhood vacations. But that is exactly what Finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen set out to do in her "Growth" collection. Hurskainen recruited her three sisters and returned to the exact spots she visited with her parents as children. We can't stop looking at these time-traveling tourist shots, which we originally spotted on My Modern Metropolis.

The photos are recreated with startling accuracy, as the Scandinavian sisters channel their old fashion senses and perfectly mimic their former facial expressions. Yet aside from being a nostalgic throwback series, "Growth" addresses the bittersweet experience of revisiting an old photograph. Although the places and poses are the same, Hurskainen can never truly recreate the original photographs. On her website the artist explains: "By repeating a distant moment something weird is revealed about us as objects of the photograph in the first pictures: the way we play our artificial roles for the photograph. We might not be more than five years old, but we already know exactly how to be in/for a photograph."

See a slideshow of the "now and then" photos below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Wilma Hurskainen

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