Wilmer Valderrama Partners With NERDS To 'Stomp Out Bullying'

Wilmer Valderrama Partners With NERDS To 'Stomp Out Bullying'

By Michael Lopez

Most people aren’t that willing to embrace their inner NERD. But in the case of Wilmer Valderrama, the opposite is true. The former 70’s Show star recently partnered with NERDS candy to promote a new “Stomp Out Bullying” campaign.

Speaking on behalf of the program, Wilmer opened up quite a bit. He told his fans that, as an immigrant, he was often bullied because of his thick Spanish accent.

“When I first came to this country, I didn’t know how to speak English,” Valderrama told Headline News. “Back then at 14, it was a really hard age. Because I had an accent, people had this impression that I was dumb. Eventually I embraced my individuality and embraced my roots. Then I was able to stand my ground.”

Wilmer is hoping his message will encourage kids throughout the country to do the same. And, if the Wonka corporation has their way, they’ll be able enjoy tasty NERDS candies while they do it.

Have you ever been bullied because of the way you talk? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.

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