Wilnelia Caraballo Arrested: Clerk Impersonates Cop To Bust Drunk Robber With Toy Gun

Clerk Impersonates Cop To Bust Drunk Robber With Toy Gun

A toy gun certainly calls for a game of cops and robbers, so when an a would-be robber with a plastic pistol came into a Florida convenience store, one clerk decided to play "let's pretend" -- and fooled the masked man into thinking he was a police officer.

Wilnelia Caraballo, 19, walked into a Palm Bay Kangeroo Express around 5:51 a.m. Sunday morning, intoxicated, masked, and holding a plastic "Uzi-type gun," the Orlando Centinel reports, quoting police.

Store employees allegedly watched Carballo walk up to the check-out counter, which was unattended for the moment.

As Caraballo made her way around the counter, one of the store clerks -- who is either fearless or knows a plastic gun when he sees one -- yelled "Palm Bay Police. Get on the ground!"

Thinking that her plot had been foiled, Caraballo complied -- at least for a moment. Reports indicated that the woman did make one attempt to escape, but store employees subdued her until authorities arrived.

Authorities later confirmed that Caraballo's weapon of choice was, in fact, a toy.

Police took Caraballo to Brevard County Jail and charged her with attempted armed robbery.

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