'Wilson': Alexander Payne Taking Graphic Novel To Film

Alexander Payne has made his name with bittersweet, depressing comedies such as "About Schmidt," "Sideways" and "The Descendants," the George Clooney-starrer that is out later this month. He's become a master of the niche genre, and now, he's ready to plumb new depths of sadness.

According to Empire Magazine, the Oscar winner will adapt the acclaimed Dan Clowes graphic novel, "Wilson," to the big screen. It's unclear whether he will direct or produce the film -- right now, it's being set up at his production company, Ad Hominen. Either way, it seems as if it will come after his next effort, the black and white "Nebraska," which centers on an alcoholic father.

"Wilson" tells the story of an unlucky man whose life just keeps getting worse, fueled by bitter humor and self-righteous anger at the world. He goes on a mission to find his ex-wife and child, which, predictably, doesn't end up so well, making it a perfect vehicle for Payne's sensibilities (if you ignore the fact that he wrote "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry").