Wilson To, High School Senior, Created Facebook Compliments Page To Challenge Bullying, Spread Positivity (VIDEO)

Why Every School Should Start A 'Facebook Compliments' Page

Wilson To wanted to find a way to stop bullying at his high school, so he did what any clever teen would do in his situation: he turned to social media for help.

The Nevada high school senior launched a Facebook page called "Atech Compliments" -- a place where anonymous, complimentary messages were posted about members of the student body. Wilson ran the page for a year without revealing his own identity.

"I wanted to make a page so people could communicate nice things to one another," Wilson explained. "Give compliments to thank people for being who they are."

Watch the video above to learn more about Wilson's inspiring idea.

The teen's secretive social media campaign ended up being a such a hit that he trained administrators to take over the project after graduation.

"A lot of quiet individuals don't think much of what they do, but when they get compliments for things they didn't realize about themselves, it helps to build self-esteem," Wilson said.

The Facebook page posted a special message for its founder this week:

wilson to

In January, HooplaHa shared the story of another high schooler who used Twitter to boost his school's morale. Jeremiah created a Twitter account, @westhighbros, to post positive messages about classmates.

"We just send compliments to people who we think are feeling bad a certain day or who have done something really good," he said. "I believe that showing the goodness in people is very integral to our account, because so many people on Twitter and Facebook get cyberbullied because they're less than perfect."

A Virginia school also created a similar initiative offline. The Winfield High School allowed students to create compliment grams for each other during lunch hour. The school's anti-bullying club, WeStopHate, then distributed Hershey's Kisses along with the notes during the school day.

"We need to break free of all the negativity that surrounds us," said Jillian Carney, a member of the WeStopHate club. "The main goals of WeStopHate club is to give students a safe environment and to provide them a comforting place where they're free to be themselves."

What do you think about these anti-bullying campaigns? How are you using social media to spread positivity? Tell us in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen.

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