Meet The Man Whose Mental Strength Allowed Him To Climb Mount Everest In Shorts


This extraordinary man is proof that the human body is capable of some incredible things. 

A short documentary from Vice, called "Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman" takes a look at Wim Hof, who has performed astonishing feats including staying submerged in ice for over an hour, and climbing Mount Everest -- in shorts.

While "the Iceman" seems almost superhuman, he says he owes his abilities to meditation. In the documentary, Hof gives Matt Shea and Daisy-May Hudson a glimpse into his life as well as the techniques he uses to endure extreme conditions.  With Hof's help, Shea and Hudson discover that they're able to do so much more than they had initially thought was possible. 

Watch Hof, who regularly trains others and shares his techniques, guide the pair in breathing exercises, dunks in frigid waters and on snowy hikes. Shea and Hudson find that their experience with the Iceman doesn't just test their physical boundaries, but also takes them on a spiritual journey -- ultimately showing them how to harness their mental power. 

"We came into this with a heavy dose of skepticism, but within a few days, we were able to comfortably climb a freezing cold mountain in nothing but our shorts," Shea says in the video. "Wim gives people a chance to take back some control in their minds and bodies."


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