Wimbledon Gambling Scandal: Eight Matches Fixed, Dossier Claims

Last year the New York Times reported on a widening gambling scandal in professional tennis that implicated highly-ranked players. Now, allegations have arisen that eight Wimbledon matches (the tournament begins Monday) were fixed by professional gambling syndicates:

Eight matches at Wimbledon have been reported to the tennis authorities on suspicion results have been fixed by professional gambling syndicates.

The matches have been named in a dossier compiled by leading bookmaking companies responsible for monitoring suspect betting patterns and players thought to be willing to throw game...

...Many suspect matches show huge rises in the money pledged, compared with similar games...

...An official with detailed knowledge of the dossier of 140 "suspect" matches from tournaments around the world told the Sunday Times: "If you look at a tournament, you might see one match for £23,000 [in betting turnover], one for £27,000, one for £36,000 and one for £4.5m.

"It doesn't take a genius to work out that something is going on in the last one."