Wimbledon Keeps Forcing Players To Change Their Underwear

We see England, we see France ... we see the non-whiteness of your underpants.

When it comes to enforcing its all-white dress code, Wimbledon will get into your pants if it has to.

On Thursday, an umpire made junior tennis player Jurij Rodionov pull part of his shorts down, revealing colored underwear, outlets noted.

Then a tournament supervisor stepped in to confirm the offending unmentionables.

Back to change you go, lad. Rodionov obliged and returned to win his boys singles match over Blake Ellis.

On Wednesday, the boys doubles team of Zsombor Piros and Yibing Wu also ran afoul of the Grand Slam tournament’s draconian wardrobe restrictions, according to outlets.

The two were forced to exchange their black underwear (those nonconformists!) for something a tad more, uh, white.

They also triumphed, 6-4, 6-1

The stuffed shirts at the All England Lawn Tennis Club have also been persnickety on the women’s side, too, reportedly asking Venus Williams to change out of a pink sports bra during her first round match.