South Carolina Man Wins Lottery Twice In 4 Months, Earns $400,000

Man Wins LotteryIn 4 Months

A man in South Carolina has just taken luck to a whole different level.

A Rock Hill, S.C., resident has won the lottery twice in the past four months, WCNC News reports. After purchasing a winning $200,000 ticket at a gas station last September, the man bought another $200,000 winning ticket last week from another gas station less than a mile away.

While he planned on saving the first winnings for his children’s college education, the man plans to put the second prize towards his retirement, the Associated Press reported.

Both of the wins came from a $10 scratch-off game called the Color Of Money. The lucky man has chosen to keep his identity a secret from the public.

The chances of winning the lottery once are lower than the chances of becoming the president of the U.S. -- so winning the lottery twice is nearly impossible. However, it has happened before.

In July, Joseph Sylvester won a $100,000 prize in a Virginia Lottery Cash 5 game for the second time in three months, the Washington Post reports.

More recently, 91-year old Lena Eaton earned close to $400,000 off two distinct wins in two months in the Indiana lottery, according to ABC News.

The odds of winning the lottery twice have been computed to be as high as 5 trillion-to-one, according to the Daily Mail.

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