Win University Of Iowa's $37,000 Tippie MBA Scholarship, With A Tweet

The $37,000 Scholarship You Can Win With A Tweet

In other news about prestigious things you can win just by tweeting sometimes, the University of Iowa Tippie MBA announced a $37,000 scholarship you can win by answering the question "What makes you an exceptional Tippie MBA candidate and full-time MBA hire? Creativity encouraged!" in a tweet.

Applicants are allowed to tweet and facebook in lieu of an essay.

"We want (applicants) to show us more about themselves," Jodi Schafer, the Tippie School of Management's director of recruiting and admissions told the Iowa Press-Citizen. "This would give us a lot more depth and show us more about a candidate than an essay would show."

Debatable we say. What do you think of this scholarship? Weigh in, in the comments section.

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