Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit, Coal Lobby Warns In Hilarious Spoof Video

Is wind power too dangerous for America?

That's exactly what these panelists discuss in this hilarious spoof from The Onion.

The video shows a new advertisement from the American Coal Lobby warning that wind farms may blow the Earth off orbit. "We like this planet. Let's not blow it... away," the ad implores.

But as the panel discusses, the dangers of wind power don't stop there. The video also reveals a new documentary, "Terminal Gust," that captures one small town's plight as they suffer from wind whistling into their water supply. "Oh my god, kids could drink that water and get wind in their brains," one panelist cries.

"Unlike coal, we don't know what wind is. We don't even know where it comes from," another panelist exclaims.