WindMade Introduces Wind Energy Made Consumer Label For Products

Ever wish you could know what kind of energy was used to make the products you buy? Well, now wind energy is getting its own product label. According to the WindMade website, it will be the first global consumer label to display which corporations and products utilize wind energy.

The label was unveiled Tuesday at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, notes USA Today. It has the support of some very big names, including the UN and the WWF.

In order for companies to attain the label, they will have to undergo a certification process that entails the verification of how much wind energy they use.

The initiative is so dedicated to this cause because its members believe that it is essential that products embrace clean and renewable energy sources. They state that "one of the most important ingredients in a product is the energy used to produce it." They desire to educate consumers about corporations' use of wind energy. WindMade hopes to increase the demand for products that use sustainable energy sources.

In WindMade's press release, Ditlev Engel, CEO/President for Vestas Wind Systems and pioneer of the WindMade initiative, said:

"We want to build a bridge between consumers and companies committed to clean energy, and give consumers the option to choose more sustainable products. We hope that this will create a strong element of consumer pull which will accelerate the pace of wind energy development globally. We strongly encourage forward-looking companies to join us in this effort."

WindMade suggests that wind is a much more viable alternative than other types of energy because it emits a very small amount of greenhouse gas, less than a tenth of what oil and coal-powered plants produce. It also consumes very little water and has a low, continuously decreasing production cost.

WindMade stresses that we cannot continue to consume products that are made at such a cost to the environment. Their label is a step in progress towards raising consumer awareness and displaying the importance of sustainable, renewable energy. Using a physical entity, a label, ensures that the public cannot simply ignore the effects that their purchases have on the environment.

Below is the label you can expect to see on products that are made utilizing wind energy: