Window Washers Dress Up Like Superheroes To Surprise Kids At New York City Hospital

These Guys Showed Up At A Children's Hospital, Proved That Superheroes Really Do Exist

When children at a New York City hospital looked out of their windows Wednesday morning, they were met with a super-sized surprise: There, suspended in mid-air, were Batman, Spider-Man and other beloved superheroes just waiting to say hello.

Window washers had dressed up as superheroes to surprise the kids at New York-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital; and as photos and video from the special day show, the kids were thrilled by the unexpected treat.

Some of them rushed to the windows to wave ecstatically at their favorite heroes, while others blew kisses and reached out to bump fists with them.

According to NBC New York, hospital staff also got in on the fun, putting on a variety of superhero costumes and cheering for the window washers from the sidewalks.

Miles away in St. Louis, other window washing superheroes were also thrilling kids at a hospital this week.

According to a Wednesday report by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, window washer Matt McGehee and his crew have been donning superhero costumes to bring smiles to kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for more than a year.

“It’s just for the kids,” McGehee told the Post-Dispatch of his awesome costumed appearances. “The kids look up, and their eyes get all big, and then this slow smile creeps across their face.”

It seems superheroes really do exist.

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