Windows 10 Is Kind Of Taking Over The World

It's been installed on more than 75 million devices, Microsoft says.

Microsoft wants Windows on every device in the world -- and while it still has a long way to go, Windows 10 is apparently making good progress.

The company's corporate vice president of Windows and Devices tweeted Tuesday that more than 75 million devices are already running Windows 10 less than one month after its release.

As VentureBeat noted, that means Windows 10 is installed on about 2.68 million PCs per day on average. The Verge points out that 40 million copies of Windows 8 were sold in the same span of time when it debuted around three years ago.

Of course, Windows 10 is offered as a free upgrade -- which probably helps early adoption.

Despite the operating system's popularity, some have raised concerns about its privacy terms. Microsoft is newly straightforward about the types of data it collects and apparently reserves the right to disable pirated first-party software, which rubs some people the wrong way.

Some of those worries have to do with the data collected by Cortana, the digital assistant included in Windows 10. Even so, people seem to be using the software, if Mehdi's tweets are anything to go by:



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