Windows 7 'Family Guy' Ad Airs Despite Microsoft Axe? (VIDEO)

First, Microsoft announced that it would be teaming up with Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy to do a spot promoting Windows 7.

Then, Microsoft decided that Family Guy -- with its raunchy, un-PC riffs on deaf people, incest, and all -- wasn't a terrific fit for the Windows 7 brand.

But it seems that wasn't the end of the Windows 7/Family Guy saga.

CrunchGear notes that a recent episode of MacFarlane's show seemed like it might have been an ad spot for Windows 7 after all. CrunchGear reports,

There was a Family Guy segment that certainly looked like an advertisement and was then followed by a regular Windows 7 commercial.

See the Windows 7 cameo in the excerpt from the show below. The same episode also took a jab at Mac with Apple's "spinning beach ball." See that clip here.

What do you think: ad or coincidence?


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