Windows 8: See What's Different In Microsoft New Operating System (PICTURES)

Windows 8, which was fully unveiled at the Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California, is here, and it looks much, much different from Windows 7. Sure, it has the start-bar-and-icon "Desktop" look that Windows users are familiar with, but it also has a new, touchscreen-optimized interface called 'Metro,' which looks more like the Windows Phone operating system and which looks like the future of Microsoft Windows from here on out.

The touch-optimized interface was all Stephen Sinofsky, President of Windows, and Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President of Windows, were talking about when they showed off Windows 8 to developers at the conference. (They did not, however, mention when the new OS would be available to users.)

Here are some screenshots of the new Windows 8 from Sinofsky and Larson-Green's presentation, along with explanations of the newest features and interfaces that users can expect on their new tablets and PCs.

Which of these features are you most excited for? Share your thoughts about Windows 8 in the comments, then take a look at our slideshow of the features we're most excited about.

Windows 8 Features