Rename Windows Phone 7: What Should Microsoft Have Called Its New Mobile OS?

At a press conference in New York on Monday, Microsoft and its partners took the wraps off of a host of forthcoming smartphones that will be running Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Microsoft's tagline for the new OS is, "Always delightful and wonderfully mine." But does its name delight?

The operating system was initially dubbed "Windows Phone 7 Series," and although Microsoft later dropped "series" from the name, the three-word title still comes off to some as "clunky" and not altogether fresh. It's been called "confusing" and "the epitome of Microsoft's worst naming instincts."

Microsoft's Chief Strategy officer for marketing, David Webster, explained to the Seattle Times that his team tested "Windows Phone" against other alternatives, and "Windows beat all of them." According to the Seattle Times, "The company wants to get customers who haven't made up their minds yet, and Windows is a trusted brand, Webster said."

Tell us what you think of the three-word title. What would you have called "Windows Phone 7?" Tell us in the comments section below!