Windy City Happening: Fashion in the Loop (PHOTOS)

With Fashion Focus, Chicago's Fashion Week, coming up next week (Oct 15 - 20), I take a look back at some style-focused events -- a particularly fashionable evening in the loop from up-high on the ROOF on the Wit to down low at The Underground nightclub.

My evening began with Agency Galatea who hosted their annual soiree for their models and clients at the intimate Pump Room in the Public Hotel. In a room filled with an abundance of beautiful people, it was hard to tell who was a model and who wasn't (basically anyone taller than me I assumed was a model).

I then ventured to the ROOF on the WIT for the NorthBridge fashion show, but was shocked to find out I had missed the entire runway show by a few minutes! Lesson of the evening: NorthBridge shops know how to put on a show. On time. Thankfully, the friendly stylists and organizers gathered a few lingering models and put on an impromptu runway show to the delight of the growing crowd at the bar (and me!) with looks styled from Nordstrom's, White House Black Market, and Chico's.

My final stop for the fashionable evening was The Underground where the Sun Time's Splash had their anniversary party with a fashion show featuring designs from the Macy's Fashion Incubator team (a team comprised of Agnes Hamerlik, Olivia Hwang, Lagi Nadeau, Katelyn Pankoke, Shelby Steiner, and Takako Yamanaka). I haven't been to Underground since their remodeling and I must say it was a drastic improvement. Underground managed to open up their entire space yet create more intimate nooks for guests.

The show had some striking looks including the re-emergence of 90s grunge (a look popular at recent music festivals like Lollapalooza). Intricate décolletage, emerald green, and monochromatic looks rounded out the designers' admirable collections.

Check out my adventures in the gallery below!

Windy City Happening: Fashion in the Loop

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